Firefox 3.1a1/Shiretoko Released

When I had last checked the Mozilla Releases Calendar earlier yesterday, it had showed Firefox 3.1a1 (Shiretoko) wouldn’t be released until ‘Early August’. Well, Mozilla has turn around and already release the first developer’s milestone, Alpha 1. One of the ‘new’ features in Firefox 3.1 is the new tab switching interface (similar to the Control Tab add-on). I am also been reading, it is going to be much easier to remove bookmarks, history and/or tags from the Smart Location Bar (AwesomeBar) results. Firefox 3.1 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering engine.

Firefox 3.1a1 New Features:

Suggested Readings:

Download Shiretoko:

  • Windows: Shiretoko Alpha 1 Setup.exe
  • Mac OS X: Shiretoko Alpha 1.dmg
  • Linux: shiretoko-alpha1.tar.bz2

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