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2 Betas Planned For Fx 3.1

Mozilla has announced that there will be at least 2 Beta releases for the upcoming Firefox 3.1 release.

We’re still hammering out the details, but we know that there is a core list of features that we’ll be looking to land between beta 1 and beta 2, likely:

  • extending TraceMonkey’s capabilities into the DOM and other parts of our system
  • completing private browsing
  • a bunch of UI cleanups and improvements building on FF3’s success, and incorporating things we’ve learned from other browsers and add-ons
  • some core improvements to systems like PFS [Plugin Finder System] and our security UI

As of press time, Beta 1 is still planned for early October. No word yet on Beta 2, but I going to guess around Thanksgiving. After that will be the release candidates with a final release sometime after the new year. A word of caution though, Firefox 3 took a lot longer to complete than originally estimated, but that was mainly due to the developers trying to get Places stabilized and working correctly.

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