Mozilla Project Weekly Status: 2008-09-29

Editor’s Notes:

  • A while back the official meeting title was changed to Mozilla Project Weekly Status.
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  • New this additions week include AMO ( and Lightning/Sunbird (Mozilla Calendar project).


AMO 4.0.2 – Status: In Triage


Fx & Fx 3.0.2 – Status: Released on September 23rd

  • Fixed over 200 bugs including several security vulnerabilities
  • some regressions made it through the process on and 3.0.2
  • Password Manager bugs 451155 and 454708 affected the Firefox 3.0.2 build
Fx 3.0.3 – Status: Released on September 26th

  • regression in password manager found day after 3.0.2 launched
  • fix landed, verified, new builds produced and published tested all in 72 hours
  • required us to back out all other changes and retarget at
Fx & Fx 3.0.4/Gecko & – Status: In Triage

  • Schedule
    • Code freeze: October 24th @ 11:59 PM PDT
    • Builds start: October 28th
    • QA starts: October 29th
    • Release to beta channel: November 5th
    • Final Release: November 12th

Fx 3.1b1 (Shiretoko)/Gecko 1.9.1b1 – Status: Code Freeze
  • New features (planned/in progress)
    • Layout/CSS: Uploaded patch for CSS Tranform tests in bug 457324. Worked on CSS Border Radius including wrote testplan. Began constructing states from XHR tests. Started investigating the Video Seeking feature for use in Video tests. [ctalbert]
    • Private Browsing Feature: First draft of test plan is done. Flushed out some questions about data that is imported during a PB session. Ran tryserver builds and reported results to Ehsan. [marcia]
    • Building with SVG SMIL enabled and beginning to write tests for those. [mw22]
  • ?? 1.9.1 blockers.
  • ?? wanted bugs

    • ?? P1s. These are bugs we feel would really, really make a good release if we had a solid handful completed.
    • ?? P2s. These are medium complexity bugs/changes that are nice to have.
    • ?? P3s. The lowest priority bugs for this release. These are the ones that we will definitely take, but the others take priority.
  • currently evaluating content for revised schedule
  • Feature testing:
  • Schedule

    • Beta 1 Schedule

      • en-US string freeze is Thursday, Sept 26th at 11:59pm PDT
      • code freeze is Tuesday, Sept 30th at 11:59pm PDT
    • Beta 2 Schedule
      • en-US string freeze is Thursday, October 30th at 11:59pm PDT
      • code freeze is Tuesday, November 4th at 11:59pm PDT


Sunbird/Lightning 0.9 – Status: Released September 23rd

  • Schedule

    • Code freeze: ?
    • Builds start: September 11th
    • QA starts:?
    • Release to beta channel: TBD
    • Final Release: September 23rd


TBird -Status: Release September 25th

TBird -Status: Unknown

  • Schedule

    • Code freeze: TBD
    • Builds start: TBD
    • QA starts: TBD
    • Release to beta channel: TBD
    • Final Release: TBD

TBird 3.0b1 (Shredder) – Status: Frozen

  • Updated Master Release Schedule
  • Small number of blockers still remain
  • Beta Testing to begin this week
  • Current Schedule
    • String Freeze: September 16th
    • Code Freeze: September 23rd
    • Builds start: September 26th
    • QA starts: TBD
    • Release to beta channel: TBD
    • Final Release: TB

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