December 23, 2008

Mozilla Project Weekly Status: December 22nd

ADDONS.MOZILLA.ORG (AMO) AMO 4.0.4 – Status: Released December 11th AMO 4.0.5 – Status: In Process open bugs & fixed bugs Freeze – Dec 22 FIREFOX Fx -> 3.0.5 Major Update – Status: Pending Currently scheduled for early January after Thunderbird Will be dependent on localization of the new major update text Fx & Fx 3.0.5 -Status: Released Shipped Firefox and 3.0.5 on Tuesday Noticed that the release was incomplete Fx -Status: Released Shipped release on Thursday Fx 3.0.6 – Status: Tree Opening Pending Proposed schedule now on wiki QA: Started triage for 3.0.6…

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