Mozilla Project Weekly Status: January 12th


AMO 5.0.1


Fx -> 3.0.5 Major Update – Status: Released

  • Released on January 8th

Fx 3.0.6 – Status: Pending Code Freeze

  • Code freeze is moved out to Wednesday, January 7 (at 11:59pm)
  • Does not move out final ship date of February 3
  • Currently 19 approved patches that need landing. Please land your patches.
  • Schedule (Estimated)

    • Tree opens: December 5
    • Code freeze: January 7 11:59pm
    • QA (Part 1) starts: January 7, 2009
    • Builds start: January 19, 2009
    • QA (Part 2) starts: January 20, 2009
    • Release to beta channel: January 27, 2009
    • Final Release: February 3, 2009

Fx 3.1b3 (Shiretoko) – Status: Pending Code Freeze

  • we are string frozen
  • we are add-on compatibility frozen
  • code freeze is going to slip out by 1-2 weeks due to high remaining number of tracemonkey blockers
  • everyone should still be trying to hit 0 P1s by tomorrow
  • after that, the goal should be to reduce P2s to zero by end of the month
  • new proposed schedule (to be decided at tomorrow’s meeting):

    • Jan 25th, 11:59pm PST – code freeze
    • Jan 27th, 9:00am PST – QA start
    • Feb 1, 12:00pm PST – Beta 3 ship

  • New faces on the Firefox team – please say “hi” on IRC!

    • Blair McBride (Unfocused) has joined the Firefox team as a contractor, working on the task of integrating aspects of the Ubiquity project into a future version of Firefox. He’s located in southern New Zealand, and available frequently on IRC


Gecko 1.9.1


TBird -Status: In Process
    TBird 3.0b2 (Shredder) – Status: In Process

    • Schedule

      • String Freeze: Monday, 2009-02-02 23:59 Pacific
      • Code Freeze: Thursday, 2009-02-05 23:59 Pacific
      • Want to help? Grab something from the blocking list:
    • Various messaging folks (asuth, bienvenu, clarkbw, davida, dmose, rebron) in MV starting Weds for varying numbers of days

    Complete Meeting Notes