March 19, 2009

Trouble Deleting Messages

A member in my Thunderbird Help forum has posted this puzzling issue while running a portable U3 version of Thunderbird When I go to delete an email – maybe I’ve read that mail or maybe it’s spam, should make no difference; however, sometimes the mail won’t delete (but then copies to the trash folder) and sometimes two messages will delete when I only had one selected and intended for deletion. In neither case am I happy with such results. I don’t need multiple copies of mail I want to delete and I certainly don’t want to delete unread, non-spam…

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Thunderbird Released

Mozilla Messaging has released Thunderbird on March 18th. Users will be prompted for an automatic update within the next 72 hours.Those wishing to upgrade now can do so via the Help Menu, Check For Updates option or by downloading the latest release at Thunderbird contains many security fixes and the full details can be found in the Thunderbird Release Notes.

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