Beware of Microsoft: IE8

I noticed I had more than usual one or two updates for Windows Vista today. I always look through the updates before I install in case there is something I don’t want. I was looking at the updates list and saw I had the usual new definitions for Windows Defender, an update for IE7 (not that I really use it) as well as an update for Microsoft .NET Framework (for whatever reason my laser printer insisted .NET Framework was to be installed). Okay so far so good, but wait what the heck is this last one Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista!

Microsoft is pushing IE 8 through as a Windows Update, no wonder I am getting so many calls at work about our website builder acting odd and these people having no idea how the heck they ended up getting IE8. I had one guy explain to me the process he went through to get Internet Explorer 8 off his system and getting Internet Explorer 7 back (by way of installing Internet Explorer 6 and then upgrading to Internet Explorer 7). A lady yesterday told me we got her using Firefox because all of the problems she was having with Internet Explorer.

Tip of the day: Don’t ever let Windows automatically install Windows updates, because you won’t know what Microsoft is trying to sneak by you.

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