Mozilla Project Weekly Status: May 11, 2009


  • New blog template, thanks to morgamic, Sean Martell, and the kubrick folks
  • New policy around “no surprises” posted to blog
  • New category pages and simple user profiles
  • New developer agreement
  • 3.5.* now active in AMO, sending out email today or tomorrow to extension developers, currently around 52% are compatible with 3.5.* and higher
  • 5.0.6 release totally focused on reskin and Bandwagon, will ship May 28
  • AMO Presentation now up on Slideshare, will blog this week.
  • Welcome Chris Howse AMO Design Intern!


  • Firefox 3.0.11
    • schedule coming later this week
    • likely a 6-week release to account for early-July holidays
  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • schedule coming later this week
    • likely a 6-week release to account for early-July holidays
  • Firefox 3.5
    • 14 blockers left for final release, only two or three of which are complicated
    • as mentioned at the platform meeting last week we’re aiming to be done with all front-end blockers by next week in order to hit a late-week code freeze on or before the 22nd.
    • this schedule will enable an early June release date for the Firefox 3.5 release candidate – getting exciting!


  • In the news: We’re working on process separation in Gecko with a primary goal of improving overall responsiveness on multi-processor machines. Check out the dev.platform thread for details.
  • Blocker Status:
    • 10 final blocker bugs left in content. (13 last week)
    • 5 GFX final blockers. (Last week: 6)
    • 5 Layout final blockers. Two w/ patch. (Two weeks ago: 5)
    • JS with 18 blockers. (Last week: 15)
  • 22 noms needing triage.
  • For weekly engineering meeting notes and other info see the Platform page.
  • 57 total 1.9.1 blockers (two weeks ago: 58).


  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder) – Status: In Progres
    • 3.0b3 is waiting on the landing of GloDa-based search functionality (bug 474701
    • After that landing, we’ll draft a new schedule for the remainder of beta3

Complete Meeting Notes

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