Mozilla Project Weekly Status: July 6, 2009

Note: Effective today the Mozilla Project Weekly Status Meetings will be held 2-hours earlier at 11:00 AM PDT.



  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • handed off to build a couple hours ago
    • still targeting mid-late July for release
  • Firefox 3.0.13
    • proposed schedule to become final this week
    • will have a final list of blockers this week as well
  • Firefox 3.5
    • we shipped a browser last week – perhaps you noticed?
    • 15M downloads and counting
    • Windows CE builds are becoming a higher priority
  • Firefox 3.5.1
    • starting to build out a schedule this week
    • stay tuned, come to tomorrow’s development meeting
  • Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)
    • Explorations and sprints to determine what will become the cornerstones of


  • Gecko 1.9.1
    • No Report


  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder)
    • 3.0b3 schedule updated

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