An Update From El Guru

It has been a long while since I have posted in this here blog. It has been a long and hot summer out here in Arizona and I haven’t really felt like doing much on my days off. I am finally getting around to making some changes to my site including updating the Firefox page. I hope to do more work this weekend, including expanding the Photography section. Since I returned to being a reseller ( I have a premium version of Website Tonight which gives me nearly unlimited (999) pages. I had planned on using this Website Tonight for one my clients to redo their site this past summer. However ,the client opted to keep their site as it was so this Website Tonight package sat unused and forgotten on my account for a couple months. I happen to be reviewing my account and came across the unused Website Tonight. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it then I realized why I am paying for a Deluxe version when I get this Premium version included as part of my reseller package? The transition took a little longer than I expected but I don’t think many people notice the site was down for a couple days. So now I can do a lot more with the site.

Sometime back and I have no idea when or why I signed up for Facebook. For those who know me, I am not much of a social networking fan. However, I recently had a person I use to work with some years back contact me via Facebook. As I have gotten more into Facebook I have found many more friends, mostly people I currently work with or use to work with me at my current job.

Hopefully I will start posting more frequently on this here blog. I really need to get out and get some more use out of my new camera as well.