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Mozilla Project Weekly Status: September 22, 2009


  • Lots of new stuff in 5.0.9
    • Collections Phase II
      • Add-on recommendations
      • Collection based statistics
      • Rating for collections
    • Public Stats Dashboard
    • Contributions on search results, home page, and category pages
    • Post-install “Meet the Developer” pages now available via the Developer Tools
  • Next release (5.1!) is 9/24, will be focused on the Developer Hub
  • Join us in Miami on 9/15 or Chicago on 9/29 for our Add-ons meetups


  • Firefox 3.0.15
  • Firefox 3.5.4
  • Namoroka (Firefox 3.6)
    • next milestone: Firefox 3.6 Beta 1
    • Cleared nomination backlog, 31 front end blockers remain.
    • Some of the notable work this week includes:
      • now string-frozen
      • progress on getting Personas integrated into 3.6
      • pushing to get the long-requested about:support troubleshooting page done, to make SUMO’s life better. bug 367596


  • Gecko 1.9.2
    • Making progress on Flash crashes re: Facebook and other sites. If anyone is experiencing lots of crash in Flash, on Facebook, we could use help debugging. See this bug for more info.
    • We’re still at 119 blockers for 1.9.2. Javascript triage happened last week, raising the numbers a bit. Today and tomorrow, we’ll go over the lists again and make sure, again, the blockers are really blockers. JS bugs have all been prioritized as well with owners.
    • Blockers:
      • P1: 25
      • P2: 64
      • P3: 4
      • Other: 29
    • Team blocker numbers:
      • Layout: 31
      • Content: 20
      • GFX: 10
      • JS: 34


  • TBird 3.0b4 (Shredder)
    • Expected to ship tomorrow (Tuesday, September 22).
  • TBird 3.0RC1 (Shredder)
    • 3.0RC1 work is underway; help very much appreciated:
      • run a nightly build and provide feedback/filing bugs (please nominate as blocking-thunderbird? if appropriate)
      • write a patch for a blocker bug

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