Mozilla Project Weekly: September 28th, 2009



  • Firefox 3.0.15
    • on track for October 21 releases
  • Firefox 3.5.4
    • on track for October 21 releases
  • Namoroka (Firefox 3.6)
    • The new Troubleshooting Information (about:support) page landed on trunk and branch (bug 367596)
    • Lightweight theme support has landed (aka: native Personas) through presently the gallery at doesn’t recognize the native client support
    • we have 27 front end blockers to knock down, 7 of which to complete before beta
    • a beta schedule should be available by tomorrow’s development meeting


  • Gecko 1.9.2
    • Last week we proposed a set of goals for Q4. I’ve received some great feedback, and there will be changes.
    • We’re going to be changing/removing a few goals in order for us to focus on crashes on a massive scale. Friday evening, we formed a small team to kill top crashers. Over the next several weeks we plan to dramatically reduce those crashes.
    • Speaking of crashes, last week the CoolIris team released an update to their plug-in that triggered a spike in crashes in the plug-in, resulting in their plug-in being the top crasher in Firefox 3 and 3.5. They worked over the weekend, along with guys on our team who helped identify the issue, to back out the changes.
    • It’s spikes like the above that demonstrate the importance of completing out of process plug-ins. Last Friday, I saw a demo–and I hope we see a blog post/video demo soon–of flash running out of process in our browser, where killing the process running flash left the browser running fine. Maybe Ben Turner can share that with the world soon?  😉
    • Blockers:
      • P1: 34
      • P2: 93
      • P3: 0
      • Other: 2
    • Team blocker numbers:


  • TBird 3.0b4 (Shredder)
    • Shipped 3.0b4
  • TBird 3.0RC1 (Shredder)
    • Hard at work on patches for the 3.0 string freeze, which is tomorrow (Tuesday, September 29, 23:59 Pacific)
    • Please help by testing nightly builds and providing constructive feedback and filing bugs!

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