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October 9, 2009

Firefox Smörgåsbord

A Smörgåsbord of Firefox related news items from the past couple weeks. Fake PayPal screen dupes IE, Safari, Chrome – Microsoft Blog/Seattle PI Sadly it is stores like these that give PayPal a bad reputation as being associated with fraud and theft.  But it is not PayPal’s fault. Most of the fault comes down to the uneducated web user who don’t take a quick moment to review the address bar for https as well as making sure they are really at PayPal.com and to look for the secure ‘padlock” (also in IE7 and Firefox the address bar will have a…

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The Guru: At Work with Firefox

Over the past few weeks there has been a decline in the number of post on the blog. I’ve been trying to post at least the Mozilla Project Weekly  Status posts each week and if there is new info, the Firefox Release Recaps. My job has been keeping me a bit busy and since being promoted to a hosting support team in August been very busy with training and ‘challenge projects’ (most of which end up becoming ‘homework’). Things have settled down a little, but really it is just ‘the calm before the storm’. Much like a hurricane and right…

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