Mozilla Project Weekly Status: November 9, 2009


  • Total compatibility up to 45% with 3.6.* (up from 34% last week)
  • Hard work on the update queue has reduced it from 201 on 11/1 to 129 today.

    • Wait time is now down to roughly one week and we hope to get it under a week soon
    • We’re going to focus on nomination queue with goal of getting both down to manageable levels


  • Namoroka (Firefox 3.6)
    • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 now has over 200,000 daily users; this is the fastest beta adoption we’ve ever had.
    • Nightly and beta users are encouraged to help us by reporting add-on compatibility
    • zpao’s “session restore optimization” patch landing this week for real for real
    • main development focus is on Firefox 3.6 Blockers
    • last week at the development and delivery meetings we decided to issue frequent updates to Firefox 3.6 Beta users on that update channel; aiming for the first update to be this week with:
      • DLL blacklisting patch (see bug 524904
      • syntax changes for CSS gradients (see bug 513395)
      • cycle-collector patch to stop cycle collection instead of crashing (see bug 521750)
      • other changes since beta codefreeze (link coming)
  • Firefox 3.7

    • No Report


  • Gecko 1.9.2
    • News from the CrashKill front:
      • Now that we’ve shpped dbaron’s patch for bug 521750, we’re starting to see more movement from vendors who are causing the issue. Last week, I received responses from Move Networks, Relevant Knowledge (comScore), and DTToolbar and they claim to be making the required fixes to keep them from crashing the world.
      • For problem binaries where we can’t find fixes, we’ll be using dll blocklisting to keep them from loading. For details see bug 524904. This has landed already, and we’ll see it in the betas.
      • For the list of dlls to block, see bug 525103.
    • Blockers:
      • P1: 3
      • P2: 59
      • P3: 1
      • Other: 16
    • Team blocker numbers:
      • Layout: 6
      • Content: 12
      • GFX: 12
      • JS: 23


  • TBird 3.0RC1 (Shredder)
    • No Report

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