Aloe in Bloom

I have had this Aloe for nearly 10-years now. I believe this is the third pot it has been in as has outgrown the others. Last weekend I cleared out at least a dozen ‘off springs’, transplanting them into multiple pots. Over the past few years I have given a couple of these ‘off springs’ to my folks to help fill-in their backyard.

The nice thing about the Aloe being a desert plant is it really doesn’t need much water and will grow like a weed. While they may turn a light brown/beige color, they will survive for quite a while without water and even the extreme summer heat.

With all the rain we’ve had this past winter and spring it is very green this year and has produced a nice blooming stalk. Further for the first time, I am seeing another stalk coming off on the left side (right about leveled with the railing). The main stalk is about 3-feet tall right now and will die off in about another month or so, depending on the temperature and rain.