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August 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 4 Released

Mozilla has released the fourth beta for Firefox 4.0 on August 24th. This release is being made available for testing purposes only, and is intended as a preview release for web application developers and the testing community. New stuff in this release: Firefox Sync is now included by default. A new feature gives users a visual overview of all open tabs, allowing them to be sorted and grouped. An experimental API is included to provide more efficient Javascript animations. Firefox now supports the HTML5 video “buffered” property. See the complete changelist from the previous beta. For more info see the…

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Happy Birthday Windows 95

Hard to believe it has been 15-years since Windows 95 was released. The operating system which introduced the ‘Start’ Menu, which forever changed the way people shut-down their computers. The Seattle Pi/Microsoft Blog have a tribute to Windows 95 including several rather odd marketing commercials.. The Microsoft Blog: Happy 15th birthday, Windows 95

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Fix Unresponsive Script Warning

There are times depending on what is running in the background and other Internet activity that Thunderbird (or Firefox) may get bogged down and a JavaScript may take a little longer than normal to complete. Users will get a warning similar to the one below advising that the script is unresponsive. The reason for this is because the application thinks the script is running wild and never going to finish processing thus causing the application to freeze and/or crash. This is very similar to Windows Task Manager warning you that an application is not responding, but the application is just…

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Internet Explorer Turns 15!

The summer of 1995 we saw the release of Windows 95, which introduced the paradox of clicking ‘Start’ to turn-off your computer. But more importantly, that summer was also the release of Internet Explorer 1.0 which forever changed the way people accessed the Internet. Yes, there was the Netscape browser but in 1995 the Internet access was still fairly ‘controlled’ by online providers such as AOL which offered a “walled-off version of the Internet.” Internet Explorer was the biggest success for Microsoft, especially when IE4 was released in late 1997. This was the version that Microsoft bundled with Windows 98,…

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GreaseMonkey Script Install Error

Recently a forum member over at Go Firefox! was getting the below error whenever they tried to install a GreaseMonkey Script. They recently reinstalled Firefox with a fresh profile. They could install GreaseMonkey without issue but any time they tried to load up a script they got this ugly error: Now, I know I had seen that error before but still took some searching to find the solution. Turns out this is caused by either a missing or damaged GreaseMonkey folder inside the profile folder. The fix is fairly simple and should only take a couple minutes: Locate Firefox Profile…

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Major Updates are Coming!

For those Thunderbird users who are still using the no longer supported Thunderbird or Thunderbird 3.0.6 you will be offered an update soon to the current Thunderbird 3.1.2 soon. The Major Updates are scheduled as follows: Thunderbird 3.0.6 to Thunderbird 3.1.2 — Deployed on August 12, 2010 Thunderbird to Thunderbird 3.1.2 — August 18, 2010 Later – defers the decision for 24 hours Never – declining the offer Get the New Version – accepts the upgrade

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