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October 20, 2010

That Ain’t Right!

The other day I had a customer who’s site would not load in Internet Explorer. It would load in Firefox, but Internet Explorer would just choke and given an usual error saying it could not load the site. At first I thought may be it was a time-out issue as I could not duplicate on our internal network. Then the customer told me they tried to load their site at their local library and with Internet Explorer with the same results. I took a look at the site on the computer we have that is not connected to our internal…

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No Firefox 4 Beta 7 Yet

While Mozilla did push out releases of updates for both Firefox 3.5 (likely the last) and Firefox 3.6 on October 19th, there still no word on when Firefox 4 Beta 7 is going to be released. Also, looks like Mozilla is going to miss the target for an October release of Firefox 4 Release Candidate 1 as originally projected.

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Thunderbird 3.0.9 & 3.1.5 Released

Mozilla Messaging has release the fifth update for Thunderbird 3.1 based on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform. Also an update for Thunderbird 3.0 has also been released. These releases address stability and security issues. See the release notes below for more information. For more information and to download: Thunderbird 3.0.9 Release Notes. Thunderbird 3.1.5 Release Notes.

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Firefox 3.5.14 Released

Firefox 3.5.14 was released on October 19th and fixed several security issues and stability issues. See the Release Notes for more information. Auto-updates should be occurring in the next 24-48 hours, otherwise users may get the latest update by going to Help menu and selecting Check For Updates. If you’re still using Firefox 3.0.x, this version is no longer supported and may contain security vulnerabilities. IMPORTANT! This is likely the final update on the Firefox 3.5 builds.

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Firefox 3.6.11 Released

After several delays, Firefox 3.6.11 was released on October 19th and fixed several stability and security issues. See the release notes for more details. User should soon be prompted to upgrade but can also can by going to the Help the Menu and selecting Check For Updates…

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