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January 15, 2011

Firefox 4: Live Feed Button

Starting with Firefox 4 Beta 7, the ‘Live Feed’ button was removed from the address bar. For those who did use this feature you can re-add it via the customize option: Right-click on a toolbar Select Customize… In the box of icons locate and drag to the desired location the Subscribe button Once finished click Done.

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Firefox 4: Status Bar Info & Status-4-Evar

As I reported earlier, back with Firefox 4 Beta 7, someone came up with the bright idea to eliminate the status bar and replace it with the optional (and crappy) Add-on Bar . The reason for this is to free up screen space. Instead they integrated part of the status bar (mainly where a link takes you, into the address bar as seen below). When you mouse-over a link now in Firefox 4, the link is displayed up in the address bar to the right of the current URL. Not very piratical IMHO and the color scheme makes a bit…

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Firefox 4: Status Bar now Add-on Bar

New with Firefox 4 Beta 7 was out with the Status Bar and in with the ‘Add-on Bar’. So, what’s the difference? Other than the name, nothing really. Oh yea, the status bar add-ons bar now has a ‘close button’ so you can easily hide it. To re-activate either right-click on the navigation or tab bar and select Customize… then choose Add-on Bar. Else activate the menu bar via the Alt key and select View >> Toolbars then select Add-on Bar. ETA:  Several more things, there is no longer a progress bar. There is no ‘status’ reports (loading, waiting, Done,…

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Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager

Part of the big changes with Firefox 4 is a newly designed Add-Ons manager and user interface (UI). Some observations: First off, the add-ons manager now opens in a tab instead of separate window. The manager itself is wider now as the menu options are down the side instead of along the top. Because of the width, trying to use the Add-Ons Manager in Sidebar tweak is not going to be very useful. You must still restart whenever adding/removing or disabling/enabling add-ons. Mozilla has finally ‘un-hidden‘ the option to install add-ons via a file (gear button next to the add-ons…

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Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released

Was finally ready to start working with Firefox 4 on my new Windows 7 computer. Went to download Firefox 4 Beta 8 and was offered Firefox 4 Beta 9. Mozilla released the ninth beta for Firefox 4.0 on January 14th. This is a regular beta release and is being made available for testing purposes only. New stuff in this Beta 9 release: Overhaul of the bookmarks and history code, enabling faster bookmarking and startup performance Per-compartment garbage collection is now enabled, reducing work done during complex animations See the complete changelist from the previous beta For more info see the…

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