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February 16, 2011

Firefox 5: New Add-ons Update Process?

From about:mozilla, a purposed idea to the way add-ons updates will be handled with the future Firefox 5. Jennifer Boriss has an idea for Firefox 5 that will give users some flexibility. She writes: “The user begins with completely automatic updates on by default. By switching to manual updates in the advanced menu, the user can go back to installing updates themselves. Each add-on shows, in its detailed pane, whether it receives updates automatically or manually.” Feel free to leave a comment or thought for her.

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Firefox 4 Spellchecker Improvements

From the about:mozilla, a noticeable improvement with Firefox 4/ Improvements to Firefox 4′s spell checker Ehsan Akhgari writes about important changes to the spell checker in Firefox, namely that the newly patched spell checker will work with hyphenated words (it does not currently) and will work with words up to 130 characters long (current limit is 64.) As the spell checker is probably one of the features of Firefox that we all use unconsciously, this is a very welcome addition.

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