Firefox 3.5 No Longer Supported?

Well, if that were the case why is Mozilla still doing updates? The latest version is Firefox 3.5.17 and in April they will release 3.5.18. But, upon first run after install users are presented with this screen:

Also, there is no longer a link on the to version 3.5 (or if there is it is well hidden).  I do recall for the longest time on the Firefox 3.5 download page was an announcement that support would only be provided until August 2010. That announcement remained even after August 2010. This date as chosen for two possible reasons:

  1. This would have been a little over 6-months since Firefox 3.6 had been released. Typically Mozilla continues provide support for the prior version for a period of about 6-months after the release of the newest version.
  2. This was about the time that had been projected for the then upcoming Firefox 3.7