Firefox 4 Will Support Windows XP

Unlike Microsoft’s latest release of Internet Exploiter Explorer (IE9). Via The Microsoft Blog/Seattle PI:

You can download it here, but only if you’re using Windows 7 or Vista. Windows XP users aren’t invited to this party. IE9 won’t work on that nearly decade-old operating system.

By not creating a version for XP, Microsoft is preventing a large majority of users from downloading and installing the latest browser. According to Net Applications’ data from February, Windows XP was used on 55 percent of the Windows machines that access the Web. That’s a huge number of computers that simply can’t run IE9.

However, Firefox 4 will NOT work on Windows prior to XP or on Macs not running OSX 10.5 or 10.6. Now I also wonder of that 55% of Windows machines running XP, how many are still using IE6…


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