June 9, 2011

Malware disguises itself as a microsoft update

…Like a previous attack that produced a fake Firefox security alert, the malware comes up when a user-agent string is detected from a Firefox user browsing a malicious web site. This time though, it comes up with a replica of the real Microsoft Update page, which you only see if you’re using Internet Explorer. “The same malicious web site is also known for hosting a fake Windows XP explorer scanner and Windows 7 scanner, said Chester Wiesniewski, senior security advisor at Sophos…”   Jun 09 2011 More Firefox malware disguises itself as a microsoft update- The Inquirer Go get it.

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Move Stop/Go/Reload to Left Side

Firefox 4 introduced the Combined Stop/Reload button, which placed a unified stop/reload button on the right side of the address bar. While it possible to uncouple the buttons and move them separated, there is no way to move the unified button to the other side of the address bar. There has been an ongoing discussion about this in the Firefox Builds Group. A Stylish script (script on userstyles.org) was created which will move the unified stop/go/reload button to the left of the address bar and keep it attached. This will work on the current Firefox 5, 6 and 7 developmental…

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Thunderbird Build Code Names Coming?

A couple discussions in the tb-planning group about changing the name of the trunk (nightly) builds of Thunderbird to something other than Shredder. Firefox made this move earlier going from Minefield to Nightly. Further, the use of the name of Aurora can only be used for Firefox and therefore they are looking for a new name for the first Thunderbird Alpha builds. Some of the suggestions have included Athena or Apollo. Shredder, the current code name for the Thunderbird Trunk (nightly) builds could be going away to be replaced with something that would attract more users and would be softer.

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