Gallery Restored

I really not sure what I did to get this to work. I had done a fresh install  in another folder and had it working there, but a lot of the customizations were missing. I started poking around in the original folder trying to see if I could figure out what was wrong. Why was I getting a PHP White Screen of Death when attempting to access the gallery? Even looked at my servers error logs, which didn’t really tell me a whole lot. I somehow figured out that it seemed to be choking on the admin.php file. So I looked at the downloaded package on my local system and compared the admin.php files. The size was different. So after re-uploading the entire zp-core folder I was able to get back into the admin panel and it ran through the update successfully. I was able to login in to the admin where it confirms I am running the latest version. Was still getting some Internal Server Errors when trying to view the galleries but I was able to get that fixed by reverting back to a previous copy of the .htaccess file. So, it appears everything should be working fine now.