avast! Package is Broken Error

Once in a while I end up getting Package is Broken error when trying to do an update on either the definitions or the avast! application.  This latest incident was getting a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) after taking my computer out of Hibernation. After Windows restarted was when I started getting errors, either when Avast! attempted to update itself or I tried a manual update. Long story short, something got corrupted as result of the earlier BSOD.

No matter what you try to do, the best solution is just to download the latest version of avast! then run the installer. Don’t even bother trying the change option it is not going to fix the problem. Uninstall the application then reboot. After the reboot, run the installer again and should install fine. Once the install is completed it should immediately update the definitions. You will need to re-enter your registration key or if you are using the free version, just register again.

However, there is one thing I was not expecting avast! to do and that was install a Firefox extension behind my back. I noticed a new ‘rating’ icon next to my address bar. So I took a look in the add-ons manager and I found avast! WebRep (Web Reputation Plugin). It must have buried in the install options, but was not something it disclosed upfront. At least it didn’t install a toolbar.

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  1. Ola El Guru,
    Thanks el mucho for your post. After updating AVAST I kept getting a Spybot popup on startup to do with the Browser Helper Object. It was lighting my fuse. So I found your excellent text here.

    And I finally found an update to your imperious link… http://www.winhelp.us/index.php/general-security/free-anti-virus-programs/avast-free-antivirus/avast-free-antivirus-additional-protections.html#.T3vBX9WZjZF

    This is the AVAST page itself which shows exactly how to get rid of the pesky critter once and for all and it worked! No el problemo!

    Thanks again!
    El Norm

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