I’m downloading this later. Certainly looks like a useful tool.
I retrieved some files from a partition I messed up recently using BrowserLinux and that was as simple as moving them from one folder to another but this is much more.
I have some family and friends who do not seem to understand the importance of regular maintenance on Windows and I think this will make the job simpler when I get the call.
From a review:

the idea of using Linux to help teach Windows users how to recover their files has invoked a few chuckles amongst the Linux community as well as grimaces from Microsoft, though it’s nothing radically new: I use Slax and Parted Magic all the time to recover data from Windows PCs. BootMed is not dead-simple–you must at least understand the concepts involved and be fairly proficient at navigating a file system–but it’s a boon for less experienced users that want to learn the basic processes of recovery and of course, recover things.
“I’m definitely adding BootMed to my bag of tools for no other reason than that it presents a small but very useful array of tools on an uncluttered desktop. Said tools include the GParted partition manager as well as WINE, which allows you to run Windows programs such as the included McAfee Stinger and ClamWin to remove viruses and other malware. Also on hand are the PhotoRec file recovery tool and the TestDisk partition recovery and boot doctor.”

Jul 12, 2011

 BootMed Teaches You How to Save Ailing PCs | PCWorld

From the site:

This list will take you through some of the problems that BootMed is made to solve.
“If you have any questions, suggestions or bugs to report, just post them in the BootMed forum.”

 Problems BootMed Solves

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Go get it.
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