Progress on Win64-Bit Firefox

Some progress to report on the future of Win64-Bit Firefox as reported on CNET News Deep Tech.

Release engineer Armen Zambrano Gasparnian, who took early steps for 64-bit Firefox support last year, is on the case again.

“We now have a small set of Windows 2008 64-bit slaves ready to be put in our production systems that can generate the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox,” he said in a blog post this week. He’s been filing bug reports as a result.

Even better news is Adobe Labs has a Beta Release of Flash Player 11, which now supports Win64-Bit.

However, given the current development cycle it is unlikely we will see a Win64-Bit Firefox release until Firefox 9 on December 20th. Although, there is still about a month left on the Firefox 8 development cycle so there could (albeit very slim) be Win64-Bit support with Firefox 8 due for release on November 8th. For those who would like to try out the developmental Win64-Bit Firefox 8, Nightly Builds can be obtained here.