Release Recap Updates

We are now a couple months into Mozilla’s new Rapid Release process where new versions are scheduled for release every six-weeks. As such I’ve decided to change the frequency in which the Release Recaps are posted. In a given 6-week period, 2 weekly updates contain new information, while the other 4 updates are just ‘place holder’ posts with no new information. So, effective from this point forward the Release Recaps will only be posted the Saturdays prior to and after the releases. So, the next release date is November 8th, therefore the next Release Recaps will be on November 5th and 12th. In the case there is a security update released, then there will be a recap posted that following Saturday. I’ve been testing a similar posting schedule on The Email Mafia Blog as Thunderbird (prior to moving into the rapid release process) had a much slower release frequency than Firefox. Lastly, I have done a simple redesign of the recap posts starting with the November 5th post.