New ‘Windows’ Logo For Windows 8?

Found this over on Tom’s Hardware and it has me wondering. First off, keep in mind nothing has been officially released by Microsoft, but rumors are that they are going to give the Windows Logo a makeover for the upcoming Windows 8.

Now a couple things that this new (and again unofficial) design have be wondering about. First off, I had heard a while back that Microsoft was saying that ‘Windows 8’ was just a code name and the official version may be called something else. Keep in mind Windows 3.1 which was released 20-years ago this March was the last version of Windows to use a “version number” up until Windows 7 release in 2009. After Windows 3.1, they moved to adding the release year after the Windows name which they did with 95, 98 and 2000. During that time they also used two letters, XP (2001), CE (1996), ME (2000), NT (1993 as Windows NT 3.1) after the Windows brand. This lead to Windows Cement…I mean Vista in 2007. After Vista, Microsoft moved back to using version numbers with Windows 7 in 2009. Also the Windows logo is a bit well, square. It looks like a window instead of the flag logo they have been using since Windows 3.0 was released in 1990. It is rumored that is to match the look of the new Metro interface. Still it is a rather plan looking logo at that, but again this is totally unofficial so we could expect something completely different when Windows 8 (if that is what the actual release name) is released later this year.