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Update: Java Plugin Blocking

Some updates in regards to the Mozilla to Block Older Version of Java Plugins post from earlier this week…

Firstly, Apple has released a security update that fixes the security vulnerability in Java. All Mac OS X users should run Software Update and update their Java software as soon as possible. It should be noted that we haven’t blocklisted Java on Mac OS X yet, but we might do so in the following days. If we do so, it will be softblocked, meaning that you still have the choice to keep the plugin enabled.

Secondly, we made a mistake that caused the Windows and Linux block to apply as a hardblock instead of a softblock. This gave affected users no alternative other than disabling the plugin. The problem has been corrected and now the block is back to working as a softblock. However, it can take as much as 24 hours for the blocklist to be reloaded…

In regards to the ‘mistake’ the easiest fix is simply to install the latest version of Java from java.com or you can go through the steps listed on the Add-ons Blog (link below) involving going into your profile folder and removing the files associated with the blocklist. Also, if you have not already be sure to check the rest of your other plugins (especially Flash which has seen a couple updates very recently) by going to the Mozilla’s plugin checker.

Source: Mozilla Add-ons Blog