Firefox 13.0.1 Released

Mozilla has pushed out an emergency update for Firefox 13 on June 15th, 2012. Firefox 13.0.1 addresses the following issues:

  • Bug 764546: Windows Messenger did not load in Hotmail, and the Hotmail inbox did not auto-update
  • Bug 756850: Hebrew text sometimes rendered incorrectly
  • Bug 747683: Flash 11.3 sometimes caused a crash on quit

Note: In regards to the Flash Bug (747683) this does NOT address issues related to Flash videos not playing in Firefox (which may also be affecting Firefox 12.0.x users as well) for Windows Vista and 7 users.

Firefox 13.0 user should be able to update via Firefox Menu > Help > About Firefox or can manually download and install Firefox 13.0.1 via the site.