Thunderbird 14 Update Released

Mozilla has released an update to Thunderbird on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Thunderbird 14 includes Various fixes and performance improvements as well as security fixes. Users will prompted to update within the next 72-hours or can manually update via Help > About Thunderbird or can download and install Thunderbird from here. There is one known issue in regards to issues with RSS feeds, see the release notes for more information. Lighting Users: upon first run of Thunderbird 14, an add-on compatibility check with be done. At that time you will be prompted to update from Lightning 1.5 to Lighting 1.6. During the Lighting update and install Thunderbird may become unresponsive for a couple minutes. Once the update is complete Thunderbird will start up as normal. The next scheduled release will be Thunderbird 15.0 on August 28th, 2012.