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September 1, 2012

Waterfox 15 & AVG

IMPORTANT: Waterfox is an UNOFFICIAL (not supported, affiliated, sponsored, etc.by Mozilla Corp.) 64-Bit redistribution of Firefox for Windows. I am really getting tired of applications trying to sneakily install security software/toolbars. Java and Flash have been doing this with their recent updates. Avast! has their ‘web rep’ plugin that it likes to install on ALL your browsers. The latest offender (and a major one at that) is Waterfox 15. After downloading Waterfox 15 and uninstalling Waterfox 14 (more on this in a bit) I went through the install process. After the initial install screen and selecting where I wanted shortcuts placed I was taken to a screen…

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Move Tabs on Top – Option Not In Menu

Not sure when Mozilla removed the ‘Tabs on Top’ option from the Toolbars sub-menu (View > Toolbars) but it is gone for sure in new installs of Firefox 14/15. You can however, still turn off the Tabs on Top option (but the UI is looks a bit odd) via about:config setting: Open a new tab. In the address bar type about:config and press enter (If applicable) Click on the I’ll be careful, I promise… button In the filter box type browser.tabs.onTop Double click on the entry below to change the setting to false Close the tab Update: After some testing it appears the ‘Tabs on Top’…

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Firefox Release Update: September 1st, 2012

Just Released August 28th Firefox 15 Firefox for Android 15 Firefox 10.0.7 ESR August 30th Firefox 16 Beta (16.0b1) August 31st Firefox 17 Aurora (17.0a2) Coming Soon October 9th Firefox 16.0 Firefox for Android 16 Firefox 10.0.8 ESR Firefox 17 Beta (17.0b1)* Firefox 18 Aurora (18.0a2)* Future Releases November 20th Firefox 17.0 Firefox for Android 17 Firefox 10.0.9 ESR Firefox 17.0 ESR Firefox 18 Beta (17.0b1)* Firefox 19 Aurora (18.0a2)* * As part of the new Rapid Release Schedule,dates listed for Aurora and Beta builds reflect when the code merge is set to begin. The actual release to that particular channel…

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