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December 2012

Windows H.264 Support Coming To Firefox 20

The move away from Flash is ever so slow, but at least there is movement. Starting with Firefox 20 (due out in April 2013) Windows users will have support for H.264 videos via the Windows Media Foundation Playback. Also Firefox for Windows will be able to support AAC audio in MP4 and M4A files, and MP3 audio files without having to rely on third-party plug-ins such as Flash and QuickTime. This feature is available, but not enabled on the current Windows Firefox Nightly Builds. Those currently using (can also get it here) the current Firefox 20 wishing to take advantage of this…

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Mozilla to Continue 64-Bit Windows Firefox Builds

It seems Benjamin Smedberg has had a change of heart (or was it all the negative feedback) in his earlier decision to discontinue the Firefox 64-Bit Windows builds. After I announced my decision to disable 64-bit Windows nightlies, there was significant negative feedback. After reviewing that feedback, and consulting with Release Engineering, I believe that we can keep a set of users happy by making a modification to the original plan. At this point, the Mozilla project does not have the resources to actively support this use case. Making these builds, however, is not a significant burden on our Release Engineering…

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Sync Google contacts using CardDav

” The big news of the day is another batch of Google services that get axed by the company. Among the services this time is Google Sync which will be disabled for the majority of users on January 30, 2013. Google suggests to use CardCav and CalDav as alternatives along with Imap to sync date between devices, and I thought it would be great to demonstrate how you can make use of those  options to synchronize data with the Thunderbird email client. … “ Source: Ghacks.net Address : Sync Google contacts with Thunderbird using CardDav

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Per-window Private Browsing Coming To Firefox 20

Changes are coming to way Firefox handles Private Browsing with Firefox 20 due out in early April 2013. In private browsing mode your browsing history is not saved and your existing cookies do not carry over into session, nor will any cookies from the private browsing session carry back to your main session. Currently in Firefox when you enable Private Browsing, your current session is saved and Firefox ‘restarts’ in private browsing mode. When you are done and select the Stop Private Browsing option, Firefox ends the sessions and ‘restarts’ back to where you left off prior, reloading your tabs…

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Firefox 17.0.1 Released

Mozilla released an update for the desktop version of Firefox 17 on November 30th, 2012 with Firefox 17.0.1 to address these two issues: 17.0.1: Reverted user agent change causing some website incompatibilities 17.0.1: Font rendering issue in Firefox 17.0 bug 814101 Users should be prompted to update soon, or can manually check for update via Firefox Button > Help > About Firefox or download and install via the getfirefox.com site. Note: At this time there is not an update to Thunderbird 17.0.1.

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How to Remove Babylon From Firefox

Awhile back a user in Go Firefox! had posted their Firefox had been modified by Babylon. The translation software had added a bunch of bloatware into Firefox including a toolbar as well as making itself the default home page and search engine. A couple of other users have reported this issue as well. I happened to be checking the Mozilla Support site and saw one of the Hot Topic is How to remove the Babylon toolbar, home page and search engine. This is a very good step-by-step article with lots of screenshots that will help you get rid of Babylon…

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