CoLT for Chrome

One of my favorite add-ons for Firefox is Copy Link Text (or CoLT). I like this add-on as it allows you to copy the link text, the link location or both (as an HTML, Wiki, BB Code or other link format). I’ve never really found one for Chrome until recently. The extension is also called Copy Link Text and unlike the Firefox extension though, does require a little setup (and a browser restart) to be able to copy both the link location and text as an HTML link.

Once you have installed the extension from the Chrome Web Store you will need to go into your Chrome menu and select Settings and then Extensions. Locate Copy Link Text and click Options (to the right of Allow in incognito). From the options screen place check in the second box ‘HTML Link’. If you want to also do ‘Wiki Link’ and/or a custom link (such as BB Code) you can do it from this screen. At the very bottom of the options screen is a Save button, be sure to click this button. Very important here, you need to restart Chrome at this point as copy will not work until you do. Once Chrome has restarted right-click on a link select Copy Link Text and then go to the sub-menu to choose how you want to copy this link.

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  1. Mnemonic (underlined letter) access key for fast keyboard activation

    After right clicking and bringing up the context menu, the extension name should have a mnemonic (underlined letter) access key so that I can quickly activate it with the keyboard.

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