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March 16, 2013

Tablet News Week of March 10th, 2013

Actually, some of this news is from a couple weeks ago. Not as much tablet news lately as there was earlier this year with the big trade shows. Acer Shipping 7M Android, 3M Windows Tablets in 2013 — If there was ever a doubt that Android was leading the tablet market. I find it a bit odd that Acer is planning on shipping some 3-million Windows based tablets this year. They did announced [IT World] last month they were going to ship Windows RT tablets, however they had complained that Microsoft needed to make improvements to the Windows RT platform.  Apple Shoots Itself in Foot…

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Identity Chooser 1.8.3

Contact the developer last night about the issue with Identity Chooser 1.8.2 not working with Thunderbird 20 Beta. Received an email earlier today with version 1.8.3 which works fine now with Thunderbird 20 Beta. Version 1.8.3 has already been released on AMO or you can update via your Thunderbird Add-ons Manager by right-clicking on the add-on and selecting Find Updates.

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