Retail salesmen prejudice against Windows 8

The article is more of an opinion of the author’s experience whilst at Wal Mart with his wife and escaping into the electronics’s department.

Now here’s the Microsoft killer. “Yeah, Windows 8 is one of the worst
versions I have ever seen,” the Walmart salesman told the gentleman.

My jaw dropped. Seriously? You have a
wall of Windows 8 gadgets and you’re telling them it’s the worst
version ever? It’s this type of dedication at the point-of-sale that
could be hurting Windows 8 overall. Sure, there are a lot of current and
potential customers who are annoyed with the whole redesign. It was too
much and too quick in my opinion, but it’s still a great, highly secure
and highly stable platform.

I do admit it was serious change to Windows and Microsoft could have done a better job on education the consumer how to get to desktop mode. Otherwise it is not as bad of an OS as a lot of people are being lead to believe it is. Put it this way, it is a lot better than Windows Vista.

“When the gentleman finally decided on a laptop and the salesman went to retrieve the keys, I told him not to listen to the Walmart worker (putting it nicely), and relayed my experience with Windows 8. I also showed the granddaughter how to quickly switch to desktop mode. There’s nothing to fear with the new design: you simply hit a tile and you’re somewhat back to normal. Purchase and download the $5 Start8 app from Stardock, and your Start button and Start menu are back. “

The only thing different is I would have recommend the free Classic Shell.

via Tom’s Hardware