Start Button is Returning in Windows 8.1

However, it does not do what 99% of the Windows users would expect it to do. Sadly, all it will do is take you to the Start Screen. But wait, there are more exciting and great new ‘features’ coming with Windows 8.1:

  • Turn your tablet or PC into a (pricey) digital picture frame with a slide show lock screen
  • More colors, backgrounds and motion based wallpapers for the Start Screen
  • View all your apps with one swipe and new apps will not be automatically added
  • Change how your corners behave
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Global search powered by Bing
  • Updated PC Settings allows access to device settings without having to go through the Control Panel.
  • and more…

I do like the easier ability to get to device settings, but that is about it for Windows 8.1 new features goes. Once again, Microsoft just doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that desktop users don’t want a Windows Phone (or tablet) on their computer. As I said in the past, while I am not a huge fan of Apple I do give them kudos for being smart enough to keep their desktop OS (OS X) and mobile OS (IOS) separate. Windows 8.1 is due to be released in less than 5-months now, still time for Microsoft to get their act together.

via Tom’s Hardware