July 2013

How to make sure that a Firefox plugin never activates (again)

“The web is moving away from plugins which is a good thing as it reduces the risk of falling pray to security attacks that target old versions of plugins or use 0-days to attack even the latest versions. Some plugins do cling on however despite the move to HTML5 and JavaScript. Especially Java and Flash need to be mentioned here, but chance is that your browser picked up quite a few plugins along the way. “Firefox is still picking up plugins that get installed on the system automatically which can be quite problematic if you do not want the browser…

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Display Android notifications on the desktop

“… If you work on a PC throughout the day, you may not have time to look at your phone all the time. Or, you may not be allowed to use your phone at all while you are working.“Desktop Notifications is an application for Android that you use in conjunction with a Mozilla Firefox add-on or Google Chrome extension. It uses the browser’s desktop notification feature to display all notifications that you receive on your phone on the desktop.“While you cannot react to it in any way, it at least lets you know about notifications so that you either know…

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Firefox OS Phones Released In Europe

Again, we aren’t going to be seeing these or the possible Firefox OS (aka Boot to Gecko or B2G) tablet in the US anytime soon. One phone, ZTE Open was released in Europe today ..the ZTE Open will hit the Spanish market on July 2 and will be priced at €69 with a €30 pre-pay balance thrown in for good measure. The device boasts a 3.5‐inch, HVGA TFT touchscreen display and has 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM combined with a 3.2MP camera and a 4GB microSD card. via Tom’s Hardware

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