Blog Updates

The following updates have been made to the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog:

  • Removed ‘small-caps’ CSS style from post titles and when hovering over links
  • Added new Release Information widget in Sidebar
  • Removed Releases page from menu. Page is now linked on the Release Information widget
  • Added new Disclaimer widget to bottom of sidebar
  • Removed Disclaimer page from menu. Page is now linked on the Disclaimer widget
  • Updated Disclaimer page.
  • Removed standalone Facebook and Twitter buttons
  • Added new Facebook ‘Like’ widget for our Facebook Site
  • Added new Twitter widget for our Twitter Feed
  • Moved Calendar widget to top of the side bar
  • Moved Archives and Categories widgets to below Calendar
  • Switched to Collapsing Archives from drop-down on Archives Widget
  • Added new Subscription widget to sidebar
  • Added new Blog RSS widget to sidebar