Gallery Working Again

It has been over five months since a plugin update broke the Gallery. During those past few months when I had some free time I would try to make the needed updates to restore the gallery to its full functionality. Unfortunately, I did not have much free time so little had been done. I had decided to set aside some time this weekend to update and repair (if needed) all the sites I maintain which included starting to work on fixing the gallery again.

Saturday afternoon I logged into the gallery and noticed some plugins (including one of the two gallery plugins) had updates available. Went ahead and installed the updates then started looking around the site. Much to my surprise it appears to be working again. I know there have been some other updates to the gallery plugins between March and now so I am guessing one of those updates resolved the embedding issues I was experiencing.

Still have a couple more sites to update and then I will see if I have any new photos I can add to the gallery.