Firefox 37.0.2 > 38.0 In-Browser Updates Disabled

Mozilla has temporally disabled the updates (auto and manual) from Firefox 37.0.2 to Firefox 38 to address a couple regressions. Once these included a start-up crash on Windows for users with certain Nivida video cards due to an incorrectly referenced DLL file. Updates should be functioning again in a couple days and users may be prompted to update to Firefox 38.0.5 once the updates are re-enabled. Firefox 38 can still be manually downloaded and installed via download site. The next planned release is Firefox 38.0.5 on June 2nd, 2015.

2 Comments on Firefox 37.0.2 > 38.0 In-Browser Updates Disabled

  1. Richard Allen | May 14, 2015 at 1:05 AM |

    I thought something weird was going on! After updating FF yesterday I thought that it was starting up slower so I looked in about:config at “browser.slowStartup.averageTime” and it has been showing around 2500 (2.5 sec). I don’t remember it being that much slower than Pale Moon (my main browser) on my desktop. FF on my system has always been just a little slower but I don’t remember it being a whole second slower. I generally see 1300-1500 startup time in PM. FF has 20 active addons and PM has 21 and I have them both setup as close as possible to each other. Cleared the cache, compressed the sqlite files, turned off hardware acceleration and didn’t see any improvement. I do have a Nvidia graphics card but haven’t experienced any crashes, maybe I’m just imagining the startup time being slower. I’ll probably go back to 37.0.2 and see if it improves. Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it!

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