Firefox 38.0.1/38.0.1 ESR Released

Mozilla released an update for Firefox 38 regular and ESR versions on Thursday, May 14th with the Firefox 38.0.1 release. Fixes in this version include:

  • Systems with first generation NVidia Optimus graphics cards may crash on start-up
  • Users who import cookies from Google Chrome can end up with broken websites
  • Large animated images may fail to play and may stop other images from loading

Complete details can be found in the Firefox 38.0.1 Release Notes.

Depending on their update settings, users will be prompted to update within the next 24-48 hours. Users can also manually update by going to the Firefox Help Menu and selecting About Firefox and follow the prompts to update. Alternatively users can also down and manually install the update via site.

The next planned release for Firefox is Firefox 38.0.5 on June 2, 2015.