Thunderbird 38.0.1 Released

Mozilla has released the next major update for Thunderbird with the release of Thunderbird 38.0.1 on June 11th. Note, there was NOT a Thunderbird 38.0.0 release due to several bugs (which were addressed and fixed with the 38.0.1 release). Currently the new release is only available via download and manual install from the site. Automatic and manual (Help > About Thunderbird) updates are not currently enabled for this release yet (allow 24-72 hours for those updates methods to become available).

Some of the new changes with Thunderbird 38.0.x:

  • Lightning (Calendar) add-on is now included and enabled by default (with the option to opt-out).
  • GMail supports OAuth2 authentication, removing the need to manually select “allow less secure applications” in Google options for the account.
  • Thunderbird will no longer use SHA-1 (hashing) to sign messages

There are several updates, changes and fixes in this release. See the Release Notes for full details.

At this, it is unknown what the next release of Thunderbird will be or when it will be. The next scheduled release date based off of the Firefox release schedule would be June 30th. I will post more information once I know what the next version and planned release dates are.