I’m Back (and so is the Gallery)!

Last September I announced I was closing the El Guru Blog (blog.elguru.me) and moving the content to my Firefox Blog. So here we are about a year later and I have decided to resurrect the blog and rebrand it as El Guru’s Tech Blog with the AllanHutchison.net domain. AllanHutchison.com is a school project site I created some years back using HTML and CSS only. I mainly use that site as a reference when doing custom CSS coding and to host my resume.

In May of 2006, I created the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog and in the beginning there was lots of different content. As the blog matured it became nearly all about Mozilla Firefox with the occasional post about Mozilla Thunderbird. In April 2009 I split off the Thunderbird content over to the Email Mafia Blog.  Again, I wanted to keep the Firefox blog dedicated to Firefox only. In the past year I had come across some none Firefox content I had considered posting, but didn’t because I didn’t want to clutter that blog.

In the past couple months I also had some time to finally fix The El Guru Gallery site that had been broken for nearly a year. I ended up redoing the entire using a different and much easier to use WordPress plugin. Hopefully, that site will remain stable as it has been by the most problematic site I had dealt with thus far.

The majority of what I will be posting on this blog is going to be tech related, but not related to Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird.