Three Pillars Update

I had mentioned in the in Three Pillars of Firefox post that I was going to try to find more info about the “Uniquely Firefox” pillar. So far the only thing I have come across is Tracking Protection may be included in Private Browsing mode. KWierso explained on mozillaZine Tracking Protection versus Do Not Track:

“Do Not Track” really only indicates your wish that the site doesn’t track you while you visit. Tracking Protection is a feature that actively blocks tracking scripts while you browse.

Of course, I am wondering how long until certain websites will either not allow you to access them or not function correctly because of Tracking Protection. I am seeing this more and more with AdBlock Plus from site politely asking me to disable the extension as it “may cause issues” to sites refusing to allow access until the extension is disabled. Stay tuned for more details when they become available.