Windows 10 KB3081424 a ‘Fix’ that causes endless crashing

Microsoft Microsoft Corporation 267,56 +10,79 +4,20% has outdone themselves this time. KB3081424 was suppose to be a cumulative fix for many issues including, but not limited to the big two; Nvidia NVIDIA Corporation 211,00 -6,09 -2,81% and Windows (File) Explorer crashing. However, this update itself has issues and some users ended up stuck in a perpetual reboot and crash loop. The update fails to install because of bad registry (in the ProfileList IDs) entries so Windows 10 abort the install and reboots. After rebooting it sees there is an update and tries to install KB3081424 again…which fails because of bad registry entries so the system reboots…lather, rinse, repeat.

Now, if you are lucky enough to be able to access Windows 10 before the update installs it is possible to clear out the bad registry entries and successfully install the update. Otherwise, well Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the problem yet and worse their ‘troubleshooter tool‘ won’t allow you to remove KB3081424.

via Forbes > Gordon Kelly


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