TBird 38.2.0 Issues coming out of Sleep/Hibernate

There are a couple issues with Thunderbird 38.2.0 when starting up from a long sleep or hibernate (especially overnight). First is Bug 1196662 Thunderbird not checking for mails and becomes unresponsive after hibernation (problem is caused by upgrade to Thunderbird 38.2.0). While I have not experienced issues Thunderbird becoming unresponsive I have noticed I need to click the ‘Get Messages Button’ in order to ‘kick-start’ Thunderbird to periodically and automatically check for new messages.

Second which appears to be related to the first and affects those who are using Lighting: Bug 1199994 Today pane date incorrect after overnight hibernate [TypeError: this.mDeferred is null]. I have also noticed my Events pane was not showing events (except for one event) and would need to click the ‘Go to Today’ button in the Events pane to refresh. While this bug does not mention ‘Sleep’ I know this occurs when a computer has been asleep. The Windows 7 laptop I use for school is set to ‘sleep’ when not in use as the Hibernate option is broken.

The next merge/release is on Tuesday, September 22nd when Thunderbird 38.3.0 and it is not known at this time if these bugs will be patched before this release. I should also note that restarting Thunderbird (you can get a ‘restart’ toolbar button from the add-on Re-start) will also fix these issues for that current session (instead of having to click ‘Get New Mail’ and/or ‘Go to Today’.