Firefox 41.0.1 Released

Mozilla release an emergency update for the Firefox 41 branch on Wednesday, September 30th with Firefox 41.0.1 release. This release addressed the following issues:

  • Startup crash in mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::GetTextureFactoryIdentifier()
  • Changing properties of a new bookmark while adding it acts on the last bookmark in the current container
  • Firefox hangs with flash plugins
  • Startup crash in nsStyleSet::GatherRuleProcessors(nsStyleSet::sheetType) possibly related to Yandex toolbar and Adblock Plus
  • Crash in mozilla::gl::GLBlitHelper::BlitImageToTexture

User should be prompted to update or can do so manually via Help > About Firefox or download and install the latest version The next planned release is Firefox 42 on November 3rd.