Something’s missing from the upcoming iPhone 7…

There are some indications that Apple APL 0,05 +0,00 +4,55% in an attempt to make the new iPhone the thinnest ever (shaving off about another 1 mm) they are removing the headphone (TRS) jack. To compensate users for this radical (and stupid) change Apple will be including a pair of EarPods which use the (proprietary) Lightning connector. You can still use TRS connector headphone and earbuds, if you purchase a Lightning adapter.

Now, it is important to understand that this not yet been confirmed by Apple. Also if this does happen with the iPhone 7, it would have no effect on Bluetooth Headsets/Earbuds. One more thing…since charging is done via the Lightning cable iPhone users will have to decide between listening to music with the EarPods or charging their iPhones. Unless of course Apple does finally introduce (and likely it will be proprietary as well) a wireless charging system into the iPhone. Sounds like the iPhone 7 will not only be the thinnest but the most costliest, when you add the price of a Lightning to TRS jack converter as well as what will be needed for wireless charging (if they introduce this as well).

via Forbes > Gordon Kelly