The Return of KB3035583 Part 2

So, was doing some more housekeeping on the school laptop, mainly cleaning it up from some experimenting with XBMC/Kodi in the last couple weeks. I am actually going to be doing more with XBMC/Kodi on a different system once I add a video card which support HDMI and likely will cost more than I paid for the computer (only paid $25 for the computer from a local eWaste Re-seller and put another $53 into for 2 GB of RAM). Anyway, I noticed I had updates waiting to be installed. This time, I carefully looked at the list and what do I find…


Now, I know I hid this update before, but it seems Microsoft has pushed it out again judging by the date. I love how the description is: Install this update to resolve issues in Windows. I guess the ‘issues’ are I am still running Windows 7 when I could be running Windows 10 instead for free. I have since unchecked and hid (again) this update, but I know now after last time to check to see if Microsoft is trying to sneak it back in.

Ironically, I won’t have this problem on the system I am going to be using XBMC/Kodi on as it is already running Windows 10. I upgrade it manually (this one never had an update offer) from Windows 7.

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